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Supported Projects since 2004:

Afi Reserve, Nigeria

    • renovation of research station
    • snail breeding equipment
    • renovation of the base camp for rangers
    • renovation of Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary Headquarters
    • support of the rangers for monitoring and law enforcement

    Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

    • gorilla census
    • employee health program for the ITFC
    • education program (with support of mondberge.com)
    • research of gorilla behaviour during habituation (with support of mondberge.com)
    • support of field assistants for gorilla research

    Cross River Area, Cameroon

    • field equipment for gorilla conservation
    • expansion of the gorilla guardian network
    • environmental education in gorilla guardian villages
    • conservation education in schools

      Cross River National park, Nigeria

      • renovation of a ranger post
      • tents, backpacks etc.
      • construction of a ranger post in Bumaji
      • renovation of base camp
      • snail breeding equipment
      • education outreach
      • support to purchase a vehicle

        Ebo-Reserve, Cameroon

        • poster and flyers for public awareness
        • Clubs des amis des gorilles
        • production of a handbook for Gorilla Guardians

        Itombwe Reserve, D. R. Congo

        • equipment for patrols
        • ranger training
        • meetings
        • top-ups for rangers

        Kahuzi-Biega National park, D. R. Congo

        • ranger uniforms
        • stickers computers
        • sweaters for rangers
        • printer
        • schooling of Pygmy children
        • printing of the magazine „Le Gorille“
        • support of community committees for the conservation of the park
        • employee health program
        • POPOF: digital cameras, GPS
        • POPOF: digital video camera
        • community conservation
        • germination project for reforestation

          Kagwene Reserve, Cameroon

          • repair of solar power equipment
          • monitoring



            Loango National park, Gabon

            • gorilla monitoring
            • camp construction




            Maiko Nationalpark, D. R. Congo

            • sensitisation of the population near the park
            • organisation of a meeting on park security with politico-military and traditional authorities
            • ranger equipment
            • urgent patrol program
            • school for Simba and other children for Reintegration
            • equipment for an extensive survey
            • camera traps

            Mbe Reserve, Nigeria

            • renovation of research station
            • construction of a ranger post
            • equipment for ecoguards, office material, motorcycle, training
            • field trips for local schools, school exercise books
            • bonuses for ecoguards

              Mgahinga Gorilla National park, Uganda

              • printing of a childrens' book about gorillas for schools surrounding the park
              • digital camera + card reader

                Mt. Tshiaberimu, Virunga-National park, D. R. Congo

                • reforestation at the park edge
                • school tree nurseries
                • equipment for gorilla monitoring
                • top-ups for guides and rangers
                • support for plantation of passion fruits by the population
                • construction of a house for the rangers
                • pisciculture
                • maintenance of the paths for patrols
                • border demarcation
                • improvement of gorilla monitoring
                • breeding of rats

                  Sarambwe Reserve, D. R. Congo

                  • ranger uniforms
                  • rain jackets
                  • backpacks, clothing, lamps etc.
                  • food for patrols
                  • clothes and equipment for rangers
                  • sweaters
                  • binoculars
                  • construction of a patrol post
                  • motorcycle
                  • training for the committee that connects the population with the reserve
                  • workshop for the dialogue committee
                  • payment of trackers
                  • border demarcation
                  • production of a map of the reserve, GPS devices and training
                  • meeting for stakeholders from Uganda and DRC
                  • passion fruit growing
                  • school tree nurseries
                  • various community conservation projects

                  Tayna Reserve, D. R. Congo

                  • books for the TCCB library

                  Uganda (Bwindi and Mgahinga)

                  • HuGo training

                  Virunga National park, D. R. Congo

                  • potatoes and pigs for the Bunagana dialogue committee
                  • ranger uniforms
                  • digital cameras
                  • sweaters
                  • rain jackets
                  • photocopier/scanner/printer
                  • compasses and GPS devices
                  • ranger emergency evacuation fund
                  • communication system

                    Volcano National park, RWanda

                    • raingear and backpacks for rangers
                    • rain jackets
                    • sweaters
                    • HuGo training
                    • food for coordinated transboundary patrols
                    • Gorilla Doctors: equipment and supplies
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                      Donor 100 € US$ 180


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