ArtChisato Abe

Chisato Abe

  • Chisato Abe with a silverback in Kahuzi-Biega (© Chisato Abe)

The Japanese painter Chisato Abe graduated from Osaka Art University. When she was young, she became so fascinated by gorillas that she decided to concentrate her art on them. Her work reflects the individuality of gorillas, and she only paints the gorillas that she has met all over the world. Chisato Abe had several exhibitions in Japan and illustrated many books for children.

How did you get to gorillas?

When I was a child, I saw a gorilla in a zoo - and then, I have started to love gorillas.
For almost 30 years, I travel in the world to see gorillas and draw them, Meeting with the eastern lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas were very wonderful, and it was based on my work.

What do you think makes gorillas so special?

When I draw gorillas, I hope that I would like to draw their beautiful spirits in the depths of their eyes.

How do you think your work can help gorillas?

I hope that Japanese children can more deeply understand about gorillas and feel more familiar to gorillas by reading my picture books.
I believe children can understand gorillas - it will lead to conservation activities in the future.