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  • Limbe Wildlife Centre (© Annelies Begas)

Armed conflict continues in the geographical range of the mountain gorillas. As a result, there are no opportunities for internships with gorilla conservation projects at the moment. In principle, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe employs local scientists and nature conservationists wherever possible, as they are better able to communicate with the local population and adapt more easily to difficult local situations. We cannot offer any internships or provide advice how to find them.

Where is it possible to work with gorillas?

Available vacancies are usually advertised. The best way of receiving such information is to join mailing lists and to look at job lists on the Internet, such as Primate Jobs. The Primate Society of Great Britain offers advice on how to find jobs in primatology at PSGB Guide to Jobs with Primates.

  • Balinga in Limbe Wildlife Centre (© Dirk Jörgens)

What is required for the work with gorillas?

Please keep in mind that you would normally be expected to have a degree (usually in biology or veterinary science, depending on the job description) to be eligible to work in the field in gorilla conservation. You must be fluent in English; in Congo you also need good French language skills. Experience of working in the field in the tropics is usually also required. As there are a great number of applicants, your chances are minimal if you do not fulfil these conditions. Your chances are best if you have studied at a university for some time, have supervised a research project in the field and are in personal contact with the leaders of the project concerned.

Where can I find an internship with gorillas?

Occasionally opportunities arise for applicants without a scientific background, but who are very much interested in animals and nature conservation. But they need to be very fit and psychologically resilient. For example, Limbe Orphanage in Cameroon and other PASA orphanages are always looking for interns. You can find more information about this on the webpage of Limbe Orphanage and PASA. The African Conservation Foundation publishes internships and other vacancies. Various other organisations have similar pages for prospective interns: e.g. GVI, Wildlife Aid Fund as well as Ape Action Africa in Cameroon and African Impact at Volunteer Projects based in Africa.

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