Protected areasBwindi

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (© Angela Meder)


Conservation status:
National Park

310 km²

1190–2607 m

ca. 302 mountain gorillas

Gorilla tourism:

A One Health Approach to Gorilla Conservation

January 2018

"One Health" is an approach that addresses human, animal and ecosystem health together. We founded Conservation Through Public Health...[details]

Silverback Sagas: Dominance Struggles Among Male Gorillas

January 2018

When powerful silverbacks jostle for dominance within a group, they can sustain very serious injuries with their long canine teeth. Over the last 30...[details]

Bwindi Apes Conservation Education Partnership

July 2016

The Bwindi Apes Conservation Education Partnership (BACEP) is a collaborative project of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology...[details]

Feeding Competition in Female Bwindi Mountain Gorillas

January 2016

All animals - including humans - must eat to survive. The energy derived from food is necessary to sustain basic metabolic and muscle functions,...[details]

Rukina - Life Summary

July 2015

Rukina (© Martha M. Robbins/MPI-EVAN)

We estimate that Rukina was born around 1984. He was well identified as a group member of the Kyagurilo Group in the late 1990s when he was a young...[details]

Ranging on Community Land and Crop-Raiding by Bwindi Gorillas

July 2015

Getting ready to start the vegetation sampling outside Bwindi with the vegetation team (Philemon Tumwesigye, Christopher Byaruhanga, Emmanuel Tibenda and Nicole Seiler) (© Nicole Seiler)

Conflict between people and animals is one of the main threats to the continued survival of many wildlife species and also represents risks to local...[details]

Equitable Conservation for Bwindi's Gorillas

December 2014

Mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetra­ble National Park, Uganda, live in one of the poorest regions of Africa. This creates a major challenge for...[details]

Two Leading Silverbacks Die

June 2014

Mishaya, the leader of the Mishaya group, died on 3 February, 2014 at the age of 28 years after a short illness. Preliminary results indicate that...[details]

History of Habituated Gorillas in Bwindi

June 2014

Habituation of wild gorillas has long been a useful tool for research and conservation programs. Decisions to habituate gorillas typically reflect a...[details]

Conservation Messages Through Films

June 2014

Conservation education acts as a bridge between researchers and com­munity members by taking research and turning it into fun and engaging...[details]

Gorilla Tourism - a Social Perspective

June 2014

Gorilla tourism and conservation can­not be sustained if it is not supported by fringe communities around the parks. Gorilla ecotourism areas are...[details]

Bwindi Gorilla Number Increased to 400

November 2012

The census team working (© IGCP)

A census of the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park conducted in 2011 confirms a minimum population of 400 gorillas, raising the world...[details]

The 7-metre Gorilla Tracking Regulation

July 2012

An UWA ranger informs gorilla tourist on the correct behaviour. (© Allison C. Hanes)

The mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is listed as Critically Endangered (C1) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature...[details]

Human–Wildlife Conflict Management in the Virunga area

July 2012

Banana plant destroyed by gorillas at the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (© Michele Goldsmith)

Human–wildlife conflict is a major conservation and management issue wherever people and wildlife coexist. It can take many forms, including the...[details]

Mondberge visits Ruhija

January 2012

Uganda, June 2011: After our fascinat­ing hike through the Ruwenzoris and a short safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park we were looking forward...[details]

Initiation of an Aid Project

December 2009

Relaxing after the seven displays have been put up in Ruhija. Left: Martha Robbins, right: Andreas Klotz (©

The project "Mountains of the Moon" was founded in the middle of 2008, with the aim of contributing to the protection of species through...[details]

Bacterial Exchange

July 2009

Members of the Rushegura group visiting a lodge in Buhoma (© Uwe Kribus)

The nature and frequency of human contact with wild primates is changing as a result of hunting, human encroachment on wildlife habitats, research,...[details]

Bwindi: Genetic Population

July 2009

Map of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with the locations of gorilla groups found during the census. Stars denote lone silverbacks whereas circles represent groups. The size of the circle corresponds to group size. Each group and lone silverback is labeled with a unique identifier tag. Groups and silverbacks that were double-counted during the census are shown in bold and connected by a line. (© reprinted with permission from Elsevier)

Accurate population size estimates are an essential part of every effective management plan for conserving endangered species. Censusing rare and...[details]

Conflict with the Nkuringo Group

June 2008

The silverback Safari (© Michele Goldsmith)

The Nkuringo group ranges at the edge of the southeastern part of Bwindi. Its habituation started in 1996 and it was not completed until 1998; the...[details]

Gorilla Population in Bwindi Increases

June 2007

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Impacts of Habituation for Ecotourism

June 2005

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file.[details]

Bwindi Gorilla Diet

December 2004

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file.[details]

Scabies in Bwindi

December 2000

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Scabies in Bwindi Gorillas

December 1996

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

New Gorilla Census in Bwindi 1997

December 1997

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Rules and Reality of Gorilla Tracking

June 2007

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

15 Years Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park

June 2006

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Outbreak of Mange in Bwindi

February 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Habituation of Bwindi Gorillas

February 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Tribute to Kanyonyi

January 2018

It is with great sadness to inform you about the loss of one of my favorite gorillas in Bwindi, Kanyonyi, the lead silverback of Mubare group. He...[details]