Protected areasCross River National Park

Cross River National Park



640 km²

110–1700 m

35-55 Cross-River-Gorillas

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Strengthening Transboundary Conservation of Cross River Gorillas

January 2018

Restricted to the rainforest region along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, the Cross River gorilla Gorilla gorilla diehli is Africa's most...[details]

Clean Water for Cross River Conservation; Rangers on the Frontlines

July 2016

In a previous article, we documented bushmeat trafficking out of West/Central Africa for sale in underground markets in Europe and North America....[details]

Bushmeat Hunting Changes African Rainforests

January 2014

Hunting often devastates populations of large mammals, and this may have impact on other animal and plant communities. In two recent studies (Effiom...[details]

Approaches to Saving Gorillas in Nigeria

December 2010

WCS education coordinator, Mark Otu (right), hands over the keys of a snail pen to one of the project beneficiaries, John Kidze, as he receives hunting gear from him (© WCS)

Cross River gorillas face diverse threats resulting from high human population densities around the areas they inhabit. Efforts to save these...[details]

Monitoring Gorillas in Nigeria

July 2010

Comparison of encounter rate of human sign (per km) in Boshi Extension, Mbe Mountains and Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (© Inaoyom Imong)

From March to August 2009, surveys were conducted to evaluate the status of gorillas and other diurnal primates and their habitat at four gorilla...[details]

Alternatives for Hunters

December 2009

Hunters demonstrate with bee suit and veil during training on bee-keeping in Butatong (© Louis Nkonyu)

As part of our efforts to improve the protection of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla in Nigeria, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)...[details]

News from Cross River National Park 2007

December 2007

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Construction of a Ranger Post

September 2006

A new patrol post for the rangers (© Andrew Dunn)

In Bumaji (Cross River National Park) a new patrol post for the ranger was funded by us.[details]

Equipment for Gorilla Census

March 2008

Local porters carry the survey equipment through the forest (© Pius Nkumba, WCS TMLP)

For their patrols in the Sarambwe Reserve during one year the rangers were provided with food rations. Related News:Additional Support when the...[details]

Update on Nigeria: WCS's Work

June 2005

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file.[details]

The Role of the Cross River National Park

February 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

A Report from Nigeria 1998

June 1998

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Bushmeat Trade Around Cross River National Park

December 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

World's Rarest Gorilla Finds Sanctuary

June 2008

The WCS research camp and eco-guard post perched on the forest edge at 1,800 m above sea level. Cross River gorilla monitoring and protection activities are coordinated from this camp. (© WCS, Aaron Nicholas)

The government of Cameroon announced on the 3rd of April 2008 the creation of the world's first sanctuary exclusively for the Cross River gorilla,...[details]