Protected areasItombwe


  • Itombwe Nature Reserve (© Angela Meder, with maps by WCS)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conservation status:
Nature Reserve

5732 km²

1500–3464 m,
Mt. Mohi: 3464 m

Grauer’s gorillas

Gorilla tourism:
not possible

First Phase of Street Lighting in Mwenga Centre

June 2018

The Democratic Republic of the Congo teems with important natural and biological resources. As they are so important for growth, development, the...[details]

Bandits Kill an Itombwe Ranger

January 2018

On 5 May, 2017 a convoy of conservation workers from the Itombwe Reserve was ambushed by an armed group. During this attack, a ranger was fatally...[details]

On the Road to Extinction? A Population Estimate of Great Apes in Itombwe

July 2017

Periodic censuses of threatened wildlife populations of high profile species help us to understand their population dynamics, assess the success of...[details]

Protection of Itombwe

May 2017

The Itombwe Nature Reserve is a key site for biodiversity in Africa. Although Grauer’s gorilla numbers have declined drastically, there is still...[details]

Participatory Mapping in the Itombwe Nature Reserve

January 2017

The Itombwe Massif is one of the important areas for biodiversity in the Albertine Region. It is mainly known for the discovery of the eastern...[details]

The Itombwe Forest is now Protected

August 2016

The Itombwe Reserve’s boundaries were formally approved by Provincial decree in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a significant step towards...[details]

The Conservation of Itombwe Nature Reserve

January 2016

Itombwe Nature Reserve (INR) is a key site for biodiversity in Africa in general and the region of the Albertine Rift in particular (Doumenge &...[details]

Survey in Itombwe 2006

December 2009

Itombwe Massif Conservation Landscape (© Angela Meder, Adapted from a map by WCS)

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been undertaking biological inventories in the Itombwe Massif since 1995. This area holds the largest and...[details]

Survey of Itombwe

December 1996

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Conservation of Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Itombwe

June 2005

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]