Protected areasMbulu

Mbulu Forest

  • Mbulu Forest (© Angela Meder, with information from Rich Bergl)


Conservation status:
not protected

c. 1000 km²

500–2000 m

20–30 Cross River gorillas

Gorilla tourism:
not possible

Gorilla Guardian Update

January 2013

Takpe chief receiving WCS in the community (© WCS/Takamanda-Mone Landscape Project)

The Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) is Critically Endangered, with perhaps fewer than 250 individuals remaining within their range,...[details]

A New Approach to Gorilla Conservation: "Gorilla Guardians"

December 2008

Potential gorilla guardians (© Amelia Stott, WCS Takamanda-Mone Landscape Project)

A new community-based approach to the conservation of some of the most remote (and hence least protected) groups of Cross River gorillas is currently...[details]

Gorillas of Takamanda, Mbulu and Mone

February 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]