IssuesJournal No. 40

Journal No. 40

  • Gorilla Journal Nr. 40, English, Juni 2010

Dear Gorilla Friends,

historically, the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP), in collaboration rinary Project (MGVP), in collaboration rinary Project with host country national wildlife, natural resource and/or tourism organizations, has served the role of clinical caretaker of the mountain gorillas. This has been through continued field presence of veterinarians who coordinate clinical interventions...

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Employee Health in Kahuzi-Biega

June 2010

A ranger has his EHP health check (© MGVP)

Historically, the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP), in collaboration with host country national wildlife, natural resource and/or tourism...[details]

Tree Nursery on Mt. Tshiaberimu

June 2010

During germination, the seedlings are protected from the sun (© Jean de Dieu Vhosi)

Mount Tshiaberimu is a site that is critical both for conservation and for the development of local communities. It is located in one of the most...[details]

Senkwekwe Centre

June 2010

Ndeze and Ndakasi in the Senkwekwe Centre (©

The two mountain gorilla orphans Ndeze and Ndakasi grew up in a house in Goma - a town full of dust and noise. These are certainly not suitable...[details]

Monitoring Gorillas in Nigeria

July 2010

Comparison of encounter rate of human sign (per km) in Boshi Extension, Mbe Mountains and Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (© Inaoyom Imong)

From March to August 2009, surveys were conducted to evaluate the status of gorillas and other diurnal primates and their habitat at four gorilla...[details]

Bai Hokou

June 2010

Shelly Masi with Makumba (© Ngombo Diedone)

The south-western region of the Central African Republic includes one of the most pristine tropical forests in the whole of Africa. Located in the...[details]

Gorilla Census in the Virungas 2010

June 2010

Augustin Basabose with an assistant during the census (© Augustin Basabose)

Recently, I spent 10 days in the field as part of a team counting mountain gorillas during a 2-month census which took place from 1st March to 25th...[details]

Gorillas of the Ebo Forest - Conservation

June 2010

Map of the proposed Ebo National Park (© Angela Meder, adapted from a map by Bethan Morgan)

In November 2002 a population of gorillas was "discovered" in the Ebo forest of southwestern Cameroon, less than 100 km north of the Sanaga...[details]

GRACE Center

June 2010

Ndjingala, who now lives in the GRACE Center (© PASA/DFGFI/Disney/MGVP)

The rumors began in early February 2010: Somewhere in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, an infant gorilla was being offered for sale. Some...[details]

Human Impact on Gorilla Behaviour

June 2010

Leanne Van der Weyde viewing the gorillas (© Michelle Klailova)

Western lowland gorilla tourism exists on a considerably smaller scale than that of the high profile mountain gorillas. Yet the successful...[details]

Snares in the Mikeno Sector

June 2010

Rangers of the Virunga National Park with snares (©

Mount Visoke lies at the heart of mountain gorilla habitat - and so naturally the rangers of the Virunga National Park often venture onto the flanks...[details]