IssuesJournal No. 44

Journal No. 44

  • Gorilla Journal no. 44, English, June 2012

Dear Gorilla Friends,

as part of the monitoring activities taking place In Maïko National Park during the festive period, between Christmas 2011 and the New Year, extensive patrols were carried out over 40 days in all three sectors of the park: the northern, the central and the southern sector. Before the patrol staff went into the field, sensitization...

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Club des Amis des Gorilles

July 2012

His Majesty the Paramount Chief of Ndokbiakat (the Ebo region) addressing delegates at the first Ebo Chief’s meeting, in June 2011 (© ZSSD/Abwe Abwe)

An isolated population of gorillas lives in the Ebo forest, Cameroon, between the Cross River gorillas and the western lowland gorillas south of the...[details]

Gorilla Diversity

July 2012

Western gorilla in a zoo and mountain gorilla in Bwindi (© Angela Meder und Uwe Kribus)

Present Gorilla Taxonomy A species is a population (or group of populations), distinguished by the possession of one or more consistent heritable...[details]

Action Plan for Cross River Gorillas

July 2012

Cross River gorilla Action Plan workshop session (© Sean Southey)

In 2007 IUCN published a five-year (2007–2011) regional Action Plan for the conservation of the Cross River gorilla Gorilla gorilla diehli (Oates et...[details]

The 7-metre Gorilla Tracking Regulation

July 2012

An UWA ranger informs gorilla tourist on the correct behaviour. (© Allison C. Hanes)

The mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is listed as Critically Endangered (C1) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature...[details]

Human–Wildlife Conflict Management in the Virunga area

July 2012

Banana plant destroyed by gorillas at the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (© Michele Goldsmith)

Human–wildlife conflict is a major conservation and management issue wherever people and wildlife coexist. It can take many forms, including the...[details]

Burhinyi Community Forest

July 2012

Approximate position of the Burhinyi Community Forest (© Angela Meder based on a map by Dominique Bikaba)

The Burhinyi Community Forest, located in the South Kivu province of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is one of several patches of...[details]

Extensive Patrols in Maiko

July 2012

Poachers arrested in the park

As part of the monitoring activities taking place In Maiko National Park during the festive period, between Christmas 2011 and the New Year,...[details]

Transboundary Collaboration in Mayombe

July 2012

The Mayombe area

The Mayombe forest, part of the Guineo-Congolian biome, forms the south-western part of the tropical rainforest in the Congo Basin, and the southern...[details]